Animal Communication; what is it, and is it even possible?

"How long has it been since you had a massage?"


by Sandi Martinez

So you’re not feeling well?  Is a cold or flu holding you down?  Your loving and loyal dog sits quietly by the bed, or if a small breed, perhaps burrows down at your feet.  The look on their face is a worried one.  Their eyes squint sadly as they burrow even further into the blankets.  Rarely leaving your side, your best friend knows there’s a problem.  Instinctively, you say something like, ‘it’s just a cold buddy…’ and they give you a slight but an unsure smile in return.  Similarly, grab your coat, jingle your keys, and your body language tells them you’re about to leave them alone… again.

It is said that we communicate more than 50% through body language.  In the animal kingdom, animals always use body language, and sometimes use their vocals to get their point across.  While we can’t hold complicated and involved conversations with our pets, it feels great that we can tell them anything, without them divulging our deep top-secrets.  We can expect to get a good tail-wagging for emphasis, or a good rub-down from the feline tail wrapped around our legs; she may be trying to convince you to go on, but instead might be vying for a good treat in return for the loving support she’s giving you!

Communicating with your animals doesn’t require scientific proof that it is real.  From the day you first connected to your pet under whatever circumstance you met them under, you said hello to them, and they to you.  From there, your communications grew to ‘take me for a walk’, as they ran excitedly to the door with the leash in their mouth.  Or the day your cat fell asleep with you in the same room as a sign that she completely trusts you.

Do you want to improve your communication with your animal?  Or perhaps you’re looking into a career in Animal Massage Therapy or other Veterinary career and would like to improve overall communication in that sphere; RMSAAM offers Animal Communication courses.

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