The Horse

Lisa Speaker performs a live Demo for Equine Level 1.

Contributors: Sandi Martinez and Lisa Speaker

They are majestic, magnificent beings.  The Horse has been more than a companion; it has been a best friend and partner to human-kind; a warm-blooded, strong, reliable form of transportation spanning into centuries of historical accounts.  The beautiful form of the Horse has been featured in many magazines and articles, and has been entered into the racing world.  The Horse has been credited to healing its human counter-parts.  The Horse has carried and cared for Kings, Queens, and royalty all around the world and to this day, continues to do so; albeit not to win wars, but to play a good game of Polo or Croquet, or perhaps to enjoy the country-side on a gorgeous, sunny day.

Here are some interesting facts about The Horse:

  • Horses are also called equines as they are part of the equus family.
  • The horse was domesticated around 3500 BC (although some sources argue it may have been as far back as 20,000 BC).
  • There are hundreds of different breeds of horses that vary greatly in form and function.
  • A horse is typically considered an adult, and called a horse, when they reach the age of 5 years old.  Before that they are called colts or fillies.
  • The average lifespan of a horse is 20-25 years but they can live to be older than 30.
  • All horses are considered to have a birth date of January 1 regardless of when they were actually born.
  • The height of a horse is measured in “hands.”  One hand is equal to four inches.  Horses measuring 14.2 hands or taller are considered mature.  A horse less than 14.2 hands when mature, is considered a pony.

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