Samson Waits

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by Sandi Martinez

The dogs used for live demonstrations in Canine Massage Therapy Levels 1-3 are either brought in by the instructors, or the students.  Or in this case Samson (a min-pin).  He helps his mother Sandi, the Administrative Assistant and Receptionist, and blogger, man the phones, and receives the students with excitement and warm welcome!  All breeds are encouraged to ‘get on the table’!  The students learn to work with various types of temperaments in a dog, in order to get the best range of practice. 

The next Canine Massage Level 1 class, starts on June 9th.  The light that slides through the blinds is changing.  He knows it’s getting late.  Even though he’s a bit hyper and doesn’t sit still for long, he still loves it when the student’s run after him and patiently began massaging him by rubbing his back and legs.  He’s not sure if he will get a turn, but he waits… patiently.

Prior to a dog’s practice massage treatment; students are required to obtain permission from the instructor, Jenny Rukavina.  The dogs must be in healthy condition.  They should have clear eyes, with no respiratory or gastrointestinal issues.  They should also have some socialization with their furry friends, as well as humans!  Students also agree to provide immediate care via a veterinarian should a problem with their dog arise.  RMSAAM can recommend several holistic and traditional veterinarians if a student does not have one in the area.  If students are local or traveling by car, they are asked to bring their own crates or x-pen.

For the Canine Massage courses, students have this opportunity to work on a dog (whether their own, or dogs that RMSAAM provides) for the required 4 days on-site in the campus located in Castle Rock, Colorado.  The campus is located in a semi-residential area, with space for dogs to be walked and can do their ‘private’ thing!  Forgot to bring your own waste bag holders?  No problem, RMSAAM carries Bone-Shaped Waste Bag holders as well as Pet Waste Clean-Up Bags!  We would however recommend that while you are in class, you let Sandi make the coffee!  Samson’s not so good at it!