Canine Massage Level 1; with Instructors Shelley Sheets, and Isadora Mielikki


Shelley Sheets


Contriubted by Sandi Martinez

Shelley Sheets is a Denver native.  She has a bachelor’s degree in education and has been a practicing massage therapist for twenty years.  Shelley has taught massage therapy for Community College of Denver.  She wrote a massage therapy program for Arapahoe Community College and developed and directed a massage program that was launched in January of 2002 at Denver Career College.  Her massage experience has taken her everywhere from  working at Craig Hospital on spinal cord and traumatic brain injured patients to owning her own day spa in Littleton Colorado.  In 2007, she took part in the first ever training at CSU Veterinary School in Canine Massage while at the same time beginning a two year program at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood Colorado to become a licensed spiritual counselor.  Her ultimate goal is to support senior animals and their companions with massage and counseling, through the end of life process and the grief period that follows.  She currently lives in Green Mountain with her husband and two dogs, Dodger and Ruby.  She teaches Canine Massage Levels 1, and 3 at RMSAAM’s campus in Castle Rock, CO.

Isadora Mielikki

Isadora Mielikki graduated from college with a nursing degree in 1984.  She has worked over 27 years as an RN specializing in critical care, emergency trauma, and research.  After a particularly stressful shift in the ER a co-worker suggested, “You need to hug a horse”.  The next day she found herself doing just that and has never looked back.

In 2005, Isadora immersed herself in animal studies some of which included Equine Applied Anatomy/Biomechanics at MichiganStateUniversity, Farrier Science with Patrick Reilly of Penn State University, Canine Anatomy and Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure/Massage.  Understanding the science is important, but she will be the first to say, “As in the care of humans, the care of animals is really about intention, empathy and quiet listening.”  Her ability to be calming and look beyond herself was a natural fit into this amazing work with the animals. Certified as an Animal Acupressure/Massage practitioner and the owner of ‘Equine Wellness Through Touch & Canine Wellness Through Touch’, Isadora helps many horses, dogs, and cats whether it is during illness, after an injury, post-surgical, or simply for calming and balancing an animal during its transition, to a new owner and environment.  She also volunteers her time at local horse rescues here inColoradoas well as works for a vet in a small animal veterinary practice bringing this alternative care to clients.  Isadora can’t help but smile when she talks about her work, “Working with the animals and their owners absolutely fills me up.  This is what I want the students to experience.”  Isadora teaches Equine Level 1, and Canine Level 1, starting on August 5-8.

The Canine Massage Level 1 course starts on June 9th, 2011 with Shelley Sheets.  Check out the calendar for more information.