Dinner with RMSAAM!

From left to right: Lisa Speaker, Brenda Thompson, Sandi Martinez, Ginger Currie, Jenny Rukavina, Isadora Mielikki, and Shelley Sheets

Contributed by Sandi Martinez and Lisa Speaker

Lisa Speaker, staff, and massage teachers enjoying dinner together and discussing future plans to enhance the courses offered at Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.

Many students, who have attended the school, often talk about experiencing a calling – their true calling – when they read through the RMSAAM’s website.  So, what does it feel like to be led somewhere totally different than planned?  Does our spirituality play a significant role as to how we ‘listen’ to the call?  

Nine years ago, Lisa followed her calling and attended school in The Animal Acupressure Training Center in CA (now closed).  Following her training, school officials asked Lisa to teach for them.  At the time, Lisa felt her calling was to perform massage on dogs and horses.  It never occurred to her that she could be a teacher.  Lisa taught for a short time and loved the idea that teaching others allowed her to help more animals then she could on her own.  When it became apparent that the school in CA would need to undergo credentialing and was unable to, Lisa decided to go forward and pursue the opportunity on her own, because by that time she felt very passionate about teaching others and perpetuating the use of animal massage for the well-being of animals everywhere.  With the help and financial support of her husband, Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage was born! 

Lisa feels that from the moment the path to teaching opened up to her, everything flowed and fell into place because she embraced it, and recognized it as her calling.  However, it has not been an easy road; Lisa has had to work very hard to make her dream become reality.  Along the way, she has been blessed with wonderful teachers whom entered her life just when she needed them, and they have contributed largely to the success of the school.  The appearance of the right teachers at the right time has often been serendipitous and confirmed that she was following her path.

Lisa believes that when a person is open and understands that whatever happens is meant to happen; it creates room for growth, and allows a person’s life to flourish. It is important to trust in your ability to ‘hear’ the calling, and allow yourself to be led to your path.  Had Lisa not accepted the opportunity to teach, she would still be fighting against the tides, and would likely not be as happy or successful as she is today.  Anytime a person is spiritually-inclined, and they honor their role in the path they are following, an abundance of guidance and support will always be provided in return.  So, what are you waiting for?  Embrace your path and follow your calling and watch it take you to a better place – the place you were meant to be.