They’re small but Mighty!

Kateri and Twiggy enjoy their walk on cracked Santa Fe streets – who will gain control of the leash?

Contributed, by Sandi Martinez

The well-traveled sidewalks of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in some ways mirror the elegance of one of the most popular ‘toy’ dog breeds in the world – the miniature Italian Greyhound.  An elegant sidewalk?  Could it be safe to say that walking this small toy dog breed adds to the elegance of a Santa Fe sidewalk?  While cultural history is rich, alive and well in the oldest capital city in the U.S., the attention does turn back to the mini-greyhound. 

Royalty has favored the company of this feisty, fast, and furious dog!  No one really knows the origin of these dogs.  Some of the characteristics of the miniature greyhound have been discovered in mummified tombs in Egypt as far back as 6,000 years ago.  In the 5th Century B.C., the Romans had adopted this toy breed as their favorite.  Many paintings and sculptures were fashioned out of the mini-greyhound’s form.  Even though this breed did not formally originate from Italy, it is because of its popularity and temperament, and joyous personality that it came to be called the Italian Miniature Greyhound.  This breed mimics the Italians love for life and the joy of living it to its fullest.

This little mini-greyhound can run up to 25 MPH.  It is thin, bony, and fragile.  They love to run; possible leg injuries are prominent with this breed.  The relief that a good massage can provide for these dogs should be performed gently, being careful to apply pressure around the non-heavily muscled areas, and working with delicate pressure along the bony regions.  So whether you’re out on a casual stroll in Santa Fe, or out in the country in England, enjoy this bundle of joy and constant companionship this dog provides!  Oh, and watch out for the unexpected battle of wills while they’re on a leash!