That’s me, running on the beach!

 by Sandi Martinez

There are others like me who walk the streets

and don’t miss a beat.

They walk with their tongues hanging out on each side

makes me wonder, do they have two, oh my!

Some have collars and tags,

some have leashes, if not, humans nag.

We walk sideways, forwards, and when we don’t like something,


I’m not good at this; I’m at a loss for words.

How can I explain us?

Why fuss?

You know us, you love us, and you even take us to get massaged!

We walk with you, we play with you, we listen to you, we need you.

What is there to do?

Feed us, pay more attention to us, don’t leave us on leashes,

let us run on beaches.

Not much more needs to be said,

we are who we are, you are who you are

now I’m off for my nap, on my big cozy fluffy bed!