Take a Hike!

High deserts, tall piney mountains, or pavement; your dog loves to walk, as long as it's with you!
Contributed by Sandi Martinez
Human-kind’s best friend is at it again… whether on a power walk, a normal walk, or a slow-paced walk, our friend; the ever-present, tail-wagging, happy canine, will enjoy it.  It doesn’t seem to matter; the long hours we spend at work, or even at play, your best friend – your dog, knows when you walk through that door, it’s their turn.  Their tail wags, their smile reaches the end of their eyes, and their fur turns prickly with excitement.  The hot summer months, mean major loads of H2O.  Keep it on hand and ready to take a swig at a moment’s notice!  
A snack isn’t just a snack when our furry friends are not only thirsty, but hungry.  A convenient travel bowl makes it easy to feed, and pack away as the hike becomes more intense. Everyone knows that keeping poop bag is just as important; cleaning up after our friends, means less pollution, and the likelihood that contaminated water and vegetation are nil to none when we keep the poop in the bag!  So, take a long, luxurious hike with your best friend and enjoy the scenery, clean air, and the best companionship known to human-kind; your dog!