An Animal Massage Career; is it right for you?

Lisa Speaker and Betty.

Contributed by Sandi Martinez and Lisa Speaker

One of the most common questions interested individuals in our massage programs here at RMSAAM ask: is this a profitable field to go into? 

More and more veterinary offices are interested in working with animal massage therapists; human massage therapists are interested in adding this to their businesses, as well as natural healing clinics and boarding and grooming facilities, and even perhaps those already practicing animal massage who would like to partner with others, as a way of building a successful business.  But what it really comes down to, is do you have an entrepreneur spirit, and if not, can you work actively to learn what it takes to get one? Animal massage is only for the people who are passionate about animals and who are willing to work hard to build their practice. It is not an easy road but it sure is a fun and interesting one!

Some US laws, as well as international laws, impose strict laws and policies on practicing animal massage.  To check on your state’s certification requirements visit: and

Important factors to consider before taking the next step into this rewarding and fulfilling career:

  • Is the area where you live and want to start your animal practice, animal-friendly?  Do they cater to animals? 
  • Contact other animal massage practitioners in your area, and gather information on how they became successful.
  • Do your homework on animal massage schools and make sure they are regulated by an agency such as the Department of Education’s Division of Private Occupational Schools. 
  • Follow up on current laws on animal massage requirements.
  • And lastly, and most importantly, do you love animals?

Many people with varying backgrounds in their professional careers, often feel drawn, and inspired to radically change their careers, and do something they love doing; working in some way to help animals.

“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.” — Jacques Benigne Bossuel