What does your pet think of you?

Oh yes! That's the spot right there!

by Sandi Martinez

Do we send cues to our dogs, or are they just so observant, they are sensing changes to our environment, moods, and behavior, and under what circumstances does this happen?

A burning apartment building; happens to be yours.  Your dog frantically tries to warn you to get up and get out NOW!  Is your dog doing this to save you, or is he/she just trying to save themselves?  A selfish dog?  I think not – a thoughtful and loyal pet that no doubt is faithful and loves you, perhaps.  Cats too, can be very loyal and loving, though their MO is usually feed me, pet me, and well, it’s all about me!  But… the cat undoubtedly has affection and loyalty, though of a different nature, toward you.

The sides are split on the belief on whether or not, dogs even ‘think’.  Yes, they are instinctual and intuitive but does this mean they are capable of thoughts?  We can be sure that while they are not counting the eggs in the one basket, they are counting all the baskets in which we put our own eggs as humans.  They know exactly where each basket lays, and what is happening in that basket.  Why?  Because ultimately – they are very observant.  Move their bowl of water to a different spot in the kitchen.  All they have to do is drink from the bowl once, in the new location, and they will instinctively keep going to the newly positioned bowl. 

Just how smart do we have to be as humans to really get that our pets love us and will risk their lives for us?  The obvious answer – the only one; they don’t rationalize, and filter out their thoughts and emotions, and ‘decide’ if we’re worth saving.  They go with their ‘gut’ feeling, they act, and conquer!  Makes one wonder – is thinking too much a curse?  Can we learn from our pet’s uncanny ability to act? …Something to think about – because unlike dogs, we as humans are capable of doing it; thinking.