Benefits of Training your Dog in the Fall

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by Sandi Martinez

Autumn colors, and fresh breezes will soon be rushing at our senses, and cooling off the vestiges of heat that we can now put behind us!  Training your puppy or dog during this time, is best because of this very reason; chances that your dog will suffer heat exhaustion is less likely, and there are many sights, smells, and sounds, readily available to your dog.

Enjoying overall good behavior from your dog is key during outdoor excursions.  And what with all the distractions like curious squirrels, the sounds of walking on drifting, dried leaves, sticks laying around, and kids enjoying the outdoor weather, your dog can learn more about self-control, despite all the action going on around them.

Socializing your dog around the fall season, also offers opportune moments.  To prepare your dog for these outdoor excursions, a few things can be done in preparation for an enjoyable social experience.  Does your dog understand the basic meanings of: “Heel”, “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, and “Come”?  It is best to practice at home while indoors, and if you have a backyard, even better.  If you’re sure that your dog is ready to go out and mix with the public, and other fellow furry critters, it’s time to go out and about!

Fun places to consider are parks, local ‘pet-friendly’ events, walking around town, window-shopping, and striking up conversations with your neighbors are positive ways and opportunities to socialize your pet.  Don’t forget to bring a water bowl, and poop bag just in case!

Training and socializing your dog brings pleasant benefits.  Not only do you enjoy each other’s company immensely, you also get to feel fairly confident that your friends, relatives, and loved ones will also enjoy your pet; especially around the upcoming holidays!