View from the desk… (The Admin Assistant’s view in Castle Rock, CO)

"Can you tell which one of us is real?"

by Sandi Martinez

The quiet hum of the air conditioner spits out cool and fresh air, keeping everyone awake and alert for the information that will be absorbed into these students’ minds for 4 days.  The temperatures outside lately, have reached over 90 degrees in Castle Rock, Colorado.  The sun is bright against the blue sky, and as the students arrive, the reflection of the bright and sunny days, reach the end of the smiles on the student’s faces, as they walk into Canine Level 1 classroom.

The first day of class, the students talk about themselves; why they’re sitting here – In the Castle Rock classroom – what brought them here, and inspired them to change their careers, or add to their resume in the healing arts, now broadening into animal massage therapy.  Many of these students will also go on to learn Animal Communication, PetTech CPR, Essential Oils, and Equine Massage, as well as Acupressure levels 1 & 2, Small and large animals.

From my office, I hear the soft voices from the instructor, and sometimes, a student’s voice, the energy light and yet intense, as everyone explores the world of healing for animals.  Sometimes, I walk out of my room (a spacious office) and see a student’s face; they are happy and smiling, or deep in thought, or lately, a stray tear at the corner of their eyes.  What these students are learning is a mystery to me; I see that their manuals are open, and their pens and paper are in front of them.  I hear strange words like, ‘Carpal Extensors’, or ‘Carpal Flexors’, or ‘Biceps Femoris’… I have no idea what these words mean, but as long as the student knows, I’m happy with making another strong pot of coffee!

From my office view, I know one thing: I am excited to know that these future Animal Massage Therapists will contribute to creating a world of healing touch for our animal companions, and that thankfully, there have been no complaints about my coffee… perhaps I shouldn’t speak so soon!