Wei Qi; A Strengthening Animal Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure Points: Horse and Dog.

by Beth Pelosa

Early Fall is a great time of year to start giving your animals acupressure treatments to strengthen their Wei Qi.  The Wei Qi (defense energy) is derived from the Essential Qi created in the Lungs.  Its function is to protect the body and mind.  The Wei Qi does not flow through vessels or meridians; it circulates instead in the subcutaneous tissues between the skin and muscle and in the fatty membranes of the abdomen and thorax.

Its function is to defend the body against the attack of the external pathogens such as heat, cold, wind, dryness, and moisture, as well as against the attacks of microscopic infectious agents.  The Wei Qi opens and closes the pores, and produces sweating and shivering.  The Wei Qi is responsible for maintaining soft, resilient, active skin, that is capable of adapting to changes in the environment and protecting the tissues and organs that lie underneath them.

The Wei Qi is yang in nature because it is fast-moving and resides primarily at the surface of the body.  Fall is the season of the Metal Element.  The Metal Organs are the Lungs and Large Intestine.  They are the “gatekeepers” allowing the entrance of fresh Qi and exit of waste Qi from the body.  It is time to strengthen your animals Metal Element, to provide the “armor” to defend against the “external evils” of Fall and Winter.  To help prevent the signs of deficient Wei Qi and Metal imbalances such as colds, respiratory issues, nasal discharge, skin problems, rashes, constipation, shallow breathing, chronic or unexplained sadness and prolonged grief, you should perform the following acupressure treatment:

1. Open (stroke with the palm of your open hands) the Bladder Meridian 3 times on each side of the animal.

2. Tonify, (stimulate with your thumb clockwise) each of the following points until the animal has an energy release; sneezing, yawning, stretching, shaking, barking, etc. (approx. 20- 30 seconds).

LI 4 on the Animals Right ~ LI 4 on the Animals Left

LI 11 on the Animals Right ~ LI 11 on the Animals Left

ST36 on the Animals Right ~ ST36 on the Animals Left

BL23 on the Animals Right ~ BL23 on the Animals Left

Ki3 on the Animals Right ~ Ki3   on the Animals Left

Sp6 on the Animals Right ~ Sp6 on the Animals Left

3. Close (stroke with the palm of your open hands) the Bladder Meridian 3 times on each side of the animal.

I perform this preventative maintenance treatment on all my animals at least once a month from September through April. If you have an animal with a weakened immune system, I recommend you increase the frequency to 2-4 times a month.

Enjoy the transformation of the season!

Beth Pelosa, RMSAAM Animal Acupressure Instructor.