Goin’ Somewhere Special?

"You know, these labels mean something!"

by Sandi Martinez

“Don’t you just love that smell?” Shelby the German Sheppard asked, her eyes shining, and black, her tail wagging furiously to and fro.

“Whoa, calm down there eh little lady…” Fred, the Min-pin said eyeing the human who slowly massaged his friend Elmer’s back and legs in gentle deliberate strokes.

“It smells like it does every time we come here,” Fred said.

“I think it’s called Essential Oils,” Elmer the Golden Retriever responded in a muffled voice.

“No I mean, you know those big gatherings with our humans, and there’s long tables with food lined up, OH, the smell, I just can’t stop thinking about it!” Shelby said happily her

tail slowed its rapid movements.

“Oh, what they call the ‘Holidays.’” Elmer said his voice husky and low.

“Yes, that’s it!” Shelby responded, sitting back up straight.

“Yeah, they call that delicious smell, Turkey, Ham, Meatloaf…” Fred replied.

“Ooh, can’t you just smell that right now?” Shelby said, licking the sides of her mouth, her jowls glistening.

“No, all I smell is a nice calming soothing blend of something,” Fred said thoughtful.

“What’s all the talk about food?” asked Elmer, once again, his voice low and deep.

“It’s just that I heard my human talking about a trip.  But the thing I don’t like about this Holiday thing, is well… the ride.  I mean, it can be kind of long, and well, it’s kind of scary.  But my human does have a box for me, one that has a gate and I can see the back side of her seat, and the sky flying by out the window.”

“Shelby, you’re spoiled!  At least you have a ‘box’!  My human grabs on to me if he makes an unexpected stop, or he drives too fast when he’s turning!  Be glad you’ve got something to hide in!” Fred sighed as if exasperated.

“Be glad you’re small enough buddy, to get grabbed on to!” said Elmer, coming to life as the massage session was closing.  He yawned and stretched, and then belched.

“Do you think we’re just all plain spoiled?  I see other dogs on the street lost and hungry, and mean, and here we are getting a massage.” Shelby said unsure.

“It’s the same reason why your human puts you in a box Shelby, and Elmer, why you’re on that table, and why I’m here waiting for my turn.  Our humans love us, and think we’re worth everything they do.  And why we get the scraps under the table in secrecy at these ‘Holidays’!  Nothin’ ain’t worth doin’, if there ain’t any fightin’, and if you’re not fightin’, then it ain’t worth doin’!

“It’s your turn Fred…” Elmer said somewhat lazily jumping off the massage table.

“And the moral of the story gents?” asked Shelby.

“You’re loved, you’re fed, you have a roof over your head, and it would be good for our humans if they remembered that too!” Elmer said, sitting close to Shelby and rubbed his nose playfully against hers.


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  1. Ahhh the holidays. Time to be sure that your furry (and not so furry) friends stay healthy and safe. Time to remember the furry and not furry friends who are not healthy and safe…donate your time and/or money to help out in a shelter or sanctuary. Love The Beast!


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