My Aha Moment

RMSSAM student Vonnie Laughery, works on KO during her case studies.

by RMSAAM Student, Vonnie Laughery

(Level 1 – Large and Small Animal Acupressure, August 2011)

I’ve been working on my case studies and I’m five weeks into my study with KO, and I’ve had an Aha moment. KO is a 14 ½ year old Arabian gelding, with a chronic cough and some photosensitivity issues. Each week he’s shown various sensitivities in Lu (Lung), Pe (Pericardium), Liv (Liver) or GB (Gall Bladder) areas, all expected given his history.

During my assessment on week five, I started on KO’s left side for the Association Points; Lu and GB again, but then he flinched at SI (Small Intestine). That was strange; he’s never done that before. I did it again just to be sure and he switched his tail and stepped away from me. So I went to his right side; Lu, Liv, GB and I went to SI and he did not flinch this time, but I asked him, “Is it this side too?” he turned his head and looked me straight in the eye!

I showed his owner how the Small Intestine meridian runs up the front leg, through the shoulder and along the neck and asked her if KO could possibly have any soreness in these areas. She said yes, he’s due for his chiropractic appointment and the vet always adjusts his shoulders. Also, KO had just been shod. The farrier took off quite a bit of toe, as well as having him stand and stretch awkwardly. I can understand him being sore.

KO’s cough has shown some improvement and he has gained some weight. I’ve learned a lot from working with him. And by the way, I finally have the Association Points memorized (everyone laughed at me for having them written on my arm). Thanks Beth, it’s been a great journey!