The Case of the Traveling Pets

Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness. ~Ray Bradbury (photo: courtesy of

by Sandi Martinez

“Wow, after all that traveling stress, I think I’m going to need a massage at least five times a week!” Bilfro the Calico cat said with a snort.  “You know, massage isn’t just for you dogs… why don’t you share the love?”

“What do you mean traveling stress?  Is that what you do for a living?” replied Mel, the Golden Retriever.  “And Animal Acupressure and Massage isn’t just for the dogs you know!”

“I’ll have you know, that I traveled 500 miles to an unknown destination and had no idea I was going to take this, VERY unexpected trip.” Bilfro said licking his shoulder blades while flexing quite naturally from side to side.

“Wait a minute,” Mel said looking at the massage student working on a hyper Terrier and then lowered his voice, “How does one take an unexpected 500-mile trip?” and then added, “by the way, I’ve heard that the school uses dogs for practice because of our skeletal systems and muscle groups – I guess we’re just easier to work with – in more ways than one!”

“Well, yes, just strut your paws, but we have our wonderful high points about us felines… and no, I don’t travel for a living.  I accidentally wandered off too far on my street, and a kind stranger picked me up and made a lot of weird soft cooing sounds and before you know it, they put me in this big car-thing that made a lot of noise.  I thought they were going to take me home.  But…”

“You got cat-knapped?  No!   You hear about this happening but, and what’s worse, is sometimes the pet never finds their home again, and they get adopted.” Mel said shaking his head sadly.

“Well now wait a minute!  I didn’t say I got cat-knapped!”

“Well then what happened?  And then there’s that rice thing, they pop it in between your shoulder blades under your skin and it’s supposed to help you find your way home!” Mel paused, “is that how you got back home?”

“Wow, you do have quite the imagination… and did anyone ever tell you, you sure do talk a lot.” Bilfro said, fixing a magnetic stare on the massage student.  “It was nothing that exciting.  And for your information, more and more of our human counter-parts are inserting these to keep track of us, and it’s highly recommended, but I hear that we need to get ‘registered’, or else our owners can’t update their addresses and phone numbers when they move.” Bilfro said, quite finished, he jumped on the table.

“Pssst… hey!” Mel said with a high but quiet pitched voice, his tail wagging back and forth.  “What happened to you?  You didn’t finish your story!”

“I’ll just say this: my owner went out of town at the last minute… guess the rest and leave me alone!  I’m trying to get a massage!  And by the way, it wasn’t 500 miles, it just felt like it!”