Reiki; Universal Life Energy

Reiki Master Shelley Sheets Teaching the Traditional Usui System of Reiki since 1995 .

by Shelley Sheets

RMSAAM, Reiki Instructor

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means universal life energy. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter. Reiki is used to accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages, and help the client contact the healer within.

The Reiki practitioner, trained to access and serve as a conduit for the life energy, places his/her hands on or just above the body and uses a gentle passive touch that some clients experience as warmth or tingling. It stands to reason that just as people have life force energy so do animals and plants.  Most sick animals will instinctively come to you for healing because they sense you can benefit them. Although we do not know what animals experience when we treat them with Reiki, we do notice that they tend to get quieter and relax. There have also been many objective confirmations of the effectiveness of this gentle bodywork from those who use Reiki with animals on a regular basis.

When treating domestic animals, the practitioner lays his/her hands behind the ears at the point where dogs like to be stroked. After that, the rest of the body is treated systematically, stopping to pay special attention to areas of pain or illness.

Reiki is never meant to take the place of traditional veterinary medicine but like massage acts as a complement to other forms of health-care. According to, Reiki is beginning to gain acceptance as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve patient care in hospitals and clinics across America.

All living things respond to touch. As a Reiki Master and animal massage therapist I have seen healings of every type come about from the simple act of touch paired with the powerful intention to heal. Reiki has been practiced throughout the world for many years, including at over 300 major hospitals and medical centers in the US. Until recently, Reiki healing was available only to humans, but increasing numbers of Reiki practitioners are establishing practices devoted exclusively to animals. Almost 100 veterinarians are now listed in the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) directory as Reiki practitioners.

In an interview on the website, Dr. David Guillion, an oncologist at Marin General Hospital in California, says, “I feel we need to do whatever is in our power to help the patient. We provide state of the art medicine in our office, but healing is a multidimensional process. I endorse the idea that there is a potential healing that can take place utilizing energy.”

Shelley Sheets has been a massage therapist and Reiki master since 1987. She was trained in the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing and continues to use this same method with others that she trains as well as in her bodywork sessions. Reiki classes start on January 17th and 18th, 2012. Enroll by November 23, 2011, and get a 20% discount! Call today for more information! 303.660.9390.