The Finish Line

Beth Pelosa; Acupressure Levels 1 & 2 RMSAAM instructor.

by Sandi Martinez

We’ve all seen them (or read the books); the inspiring films based on true stories of nearly impossible feats that involve our furry friends – but also our fellow human beings.  However, there are some stories that strike us right in the middle of our hearts.  And there are countless other incredible stories that are unrecorded and unheard of, except for those who are close to the otherwise unknown heroes; our canine and equine companions.

What is it in these stories that make the impossible become possible?  Our connection to our animal-counterparts is not a logical thread of mental following… our connection in fact is quite spiritual and unexplainable.  Our emotions tied to our pets are unspoken, understood, but never underestimated.  The intricate and delicate ways in which our lives parallel with our pets is felt and expressed in a myriad of ways.  But once in a while our Stallion (who may like to sleep and eat for long periods, like Seabiscuit for example) makes history by winning Match races or the Santa Anita Handicap.

From slow starts, and riding way in the back at the sound of the trumpet on the race track (like Secretariat who won the Triple Crown in 1973), we’re reminded time and again, it’s not the actual ‘win’ that makes or breaks our relationship to our horse companions.  It may look like the Finish Line is all we want to see our horse fly across in an incredible win, but the inspiration, loyalty, and connection, that the horse-owner has with their horse.  Does the horse feel the pull of admiration and courage from its owner that becomes the ultimate goal of the horse to attain?  Does the horse race against the others or to keep the admiration, loyalty, and approval of its owner?  Is it the journey of preparing for the win that makes the bond stronger, or is it the spoils of the win at the end of the race?  Many of these stories focus not on the win, but on the journey of love, courage, hardship, disappointments, and the emotional bond from the horse to the owner, rider, or the trainer, and vice-versa.

What does the Finish Line mean to you?  Is there a passion burning within you, that you want to pursue, but seem to lack the motivation and courage?  Is your heart leading you to a path of being a healer, an advocate for the well-being of our animals?  We can learn something from the unwavering strength and fearless poise of our animal-companion friends; to run the race, and not worry about when our stamina will fizzle out, but rather to push as far and hard as we can, and end up exactly where we feared we would never land – success.