Do dogs witness the ‘normal’ in the paranormal?

A very calm and relaxed Samson; but don't be fooled, he's always on the look-out for both the usual, and unusual!


by Sandi Martinez

As controversial of a subject this can be, I decided to take a chance and get your feedback, and some shared stories about our ever-protective and fiercely loyal friends – our dogs.

So you may wonder, if this is controversial, then why talk about this subject?  Well, because what seems so abnormal, and even impossible, is quite normal activity to our animals that because they have no mental filters, see life as it really is.  They have no blinders.  They have no logic that tells them to whisper to themselves, “You’ve gone quite mad”.

This morning, while I prepared my lunch for work, my dog Samson (a 12-yr old min-pin) sat near the sliding doors in the living room that lead to the back yard. Normally, he’s too busy circling me in anticipation of a yummy treat, but this morning, not so.  He sat there and suddenly started barking.  He only barks when there’s a reason.  I thought someone might have climbed over the fenced yard.  I went to look when he wouldn’t stop barking.  The hair on his spine rose straight up, and he remained in a sitting position.  His eyes pointed in a specific direction – but nothing was there.  Not a squirrel, not an intruder, not a thing.  No joggers or race-walkers.  Even then, Samson is not in the habit of barking at passersby’s or squirrels.

I’m not a superstitious person.  But I am open-minded.  Samson has warned me at other times when I had ‘uninvited’ guests visit me.  So what does one do when their pets are barking at seemingly nothing?  Why, calm him/her down by thanking them for their protection, and thoughtful alarm that something is amiss!  No need for nightmares, or nightly meditation, (other than the normal routines), or rushing to call the local spiritualist, just an acknowledgement is all our pets need – no, they have not gone mad!

Don’t be shy – share your stories with us!  RMSAAM loves a good story!