What it Could be

Dogs are miracles with paws. ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

by Sandi Martinez

Your head jerked up, you looked at me

you wondered what it could be

Every time I coughed, your brows furrowed

My bones ached, I sneezed, your eyes narrowed

You wondered what it could be

I moved a little more slowly than usual,

I laughed a little less,

and I dried my eyes from the tears,

You wondered what it could be, after all these years

Your nose caught unusual smells; where was the bacon?

Instead, you came and sniffed my bowl with boring soup

and it’s the first time I really smiled to see you slink

away from the foreign gook

And you wondered what it could be

And then I did normal things again,

but first had to count to ten

and I threw your tennis ball at you, a sign all might be okay

And you came slowly, and picked it up, and dropped it my way

but you still wondered what it could be

I smelled your fur, and tickled your ribs, a sign that all is well

and you rested your head on my lap

and you looked anxiously to the stove, where’s the bacon, I could

see the question in your eyes

And I brought a piece from behind my back, and fed you it, I knew that

would do the trick

And that’s all it was, all that bit of time – I was sick

But you reminded me why I needed to get well quick,

I need you too, as much as you need me, but more

No human has ever taken care of me like this before

and you walked over to the door

And I didn’t have to wonder what it could be; I’m ready for our walk,

and I can see it’s not just this one walk, but all the others ahead of us.