This gift; life energy

Happy Valentine's Day! - photo: Bob Alexander

It falls and then rises,

like smoke with long tendrils

I feel your compassion

your smile

spreads far and wide,

it flows through me and back to you

This gift; life energy

Through fear and blockage

we got here,

we arrived at this place

Nowhere but everywhere it exists

everywhere and nowhere it disappears

only to reappear

Unrecognizable, the power of love

and change hangs off of you,

draped with light,

it circles round, and then up and then down

and all around

When you embrace me,

it is like being held by the air itself

when I breathe, it is like being breathed into

this gift; life energy

And when the fear rises again, the pain, and the dis-ease,

I am comforted

Your tendrils reach deep, and pick me up,

And put me down again, and I know I am opening,

I am receiving, and I am ready to give,

this gift; life energy

(by Sandi Martinez)