The Heart and Soul of Reiki

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ~Buddha

by Shelley Sheets; RMSAAM Animal Reiki Instructor.

It is not always clear what the best ways are to support the body, mind and spirit of our animal friends.  Sometimes a single form such as Animal Massage, Reiki or Acupuncture work fine as standalones.  Other times a combination of healing modalities paired with traditional allopathic vet care works best.  It is up to how each individual animal responds to what treatment.

All living things respond to touch.  As a Reiki Master and Animal Massage Therapist I have seen healings of every type come about from the simple act of touch paired with the powerful intention to heal.  Reiki has been practiced throughout the world for many years, including over 300 major hospitals and medical centers in the U.S.  Until recently, Reiki healing was available only to humans, but increasing numbers of Reiki practitioners are establishing practices devoted exclusively to animals.  Almost 100 veterinarians are now listed in the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) directory as Reiki practitioners. Because Reiki does not involve the administration of any drug, just gentle physical contact with the animal; it is considered a safe alternative to use in partnership with traditional veterinary care.  It is recommended for treating pain, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

Reiki is especially helpful in supporting the end-of-life process.  Each animal has its own time to physically transition when their life’s chosen aim and purpose is complete.  As a trained animal Reiki Practitioner I have had the privilege to be present during this difficult time.  For both animals and humans, having the gentle Reiki energy present during the animal’s transition helps to create a sacred space for a more peaceful passing. I recently partnered with a local veterinarian for an in-home euthanasia. I arrived early and assisted the couple, in making the living room a warm comfortable space for themselves and their two dogs, the one who was passing and her sister, and litter mate.  We lit candles and created a big comfy bed on the floor where the family could all be together.  We said a prayer and set an intention for ease and grace that could be felt by all. Throughout the euthanasia process, there were tears and continual words of love and support being spoken.  It was a beautiful, calm passing that left no doubt in anyone’s mind, that this dog had been given only the best care up to her final moments; in this body, on this earth.

Every animal is unique, and Reiki teaches us that only by working with them, and not on them, will we come to appreciate the freedom (not domination) of animals, and be gifted with true “unconditional love”.

Animals are our earthly and spiritual companions.  We all share a deep connection and with each act of kindness, and with each loving thought; the entire world is lifted closer to a state of grace for all beings.  It is said that the beating of a butterfly’s wing is felt by the farthest star.

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