Outside Looking In; Equine Massage Level 1

by Sandi Martinez

It’s not often I get to sit in on a classroom session.  So, when I had the chance to do so for the first Equine Massage class this year of 2012, I was thrilled; but more importantly, I was a student for a few hours.

The four students who attended the class, all had impressive backgrounds and experiences with horses.  I, on the other hand have a dangling, distant, memory of riding a horse at the age of 12, and was incredibly sore after, and decided it would be a VERY long time before I rode one again!

The class started with a gentle and engaging conversation between all the students and the instructor, Linda Aaron.  They all exchanged a bit of information as to why they are interested in becoming Equine Massage Practitioners, and shared their love for horses.  Though it’s not unusual for a student to have little or no experience with horses, the curriculum is designed to fit and work around the non-experienced student.  As I sat and listened to Linda, her words marinated, and gelled, and I came to understand in just a few hours, why massage is so important for horses.

Linda discussed the basic outline of the course, and led us along a step-by-step process that seemed to be delivered at a comfortable pace, despite the full and comprehensive course material.  It was understood that learning Anatomy for example, might seem a bit intimidating, but what I found helpful, was that the students got to work out the names, and what each muscle does, by writing out the definitions, and then physically labeling the horse’s muscles accordingly.

Just when things were starting to get really interesting, I had to take my leave, but ultimately ended up taking away with me a solid understanding of what goes on at RMSAAM’s Equine Massage Program.  I am looking forward to attending the segment of the class, where the student performs an actual Massage sequence!  Stay tuned!  … And I may surprise myself one day and get back on a horse again!