Equine Massage 2012!

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by Jenny Rukavina; RMSAAM Equine and Canine Massage Instructor / Class Coordinator

My 2012 Equine Massage season began with the Level 2 class on March 9th, at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, CO. I had a very cohesive, yet eclectic group of students and enjoyed my time with them very much. One of the things I love most about teaching is that I’m always learning. With every student and every class I continue to learn more about teaching, the horses, and myself.

Horses are fantastic teachers and I often find myself thanking a particular horse for the specific lessons she presents to a student during hands-on work. I’m grateful for all of these brilliant assistant equine instructors in my team of horses that live at Happy Dog Ranch!

This March, my equine massage group was exceptionally fortunate in the timing of their class. Part of our curriculum for the Equine Level 2 Massage course is increased anatomy, as well as time spent on learning more gait and conformation of the horse. We often watch part of The Visible Horse DVD by Susan Harris; the Visible Horse Breyer Model is always on the desk along with its poster. Our class was held while the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was going on in Denver, and one of the exhibitors was none other than Susan Harris.  I decided they had to see The Visible Horse in person… so one of our field trips was to the Horse Expo to see her ‘Anatomy In Motion’ demonstration, where she paints the skeletal structure on one side of a light grey horse, and the superficial muscular system on the other side. She then had a one-hour lecture where she talks about the structure, and resulting gait in the horse.

It was such a treat to see Susan and her Visible Horse in person; a truly unexpected and unique experience, and we all learned a ton! I love it when things come together like that!