In the Mist

It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall. ~Mexican Proverb (Horse image:

by Sandi Martinez

Your massive body moves beneath me;

I feel your strength; I hear your soft neighing

Your position shifts, you back up a few paces

All is quiet, your ears forward you soak

In your surroundings

And you’re getting ready to bound off

And I’m getting ready to hang on

And the birds start to sing again, as if they’d been

Holding their breath


You move your head from side-to-side

It seems as if you can’t decide

You turn your head sideways

You have me in your view

But is it me you’re waiting for,

Have I not given you the cue?


You neigh again, but a little more loudly this time

I turn my head sideways, and look back

I see no one behind

My weight shifts above you,

I try to regain my balance

I sigh in confusion but you look ahead

Your body relaxes,

And you wait

You wait


And step forward,

My feet are secure in the stir-ups

My hair flows backward,

My arms relax

My hands grip the reins and we begin

… and we head into the mist