Are You a Healer?

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. ~Tori Amos

by Sandi Martinez

In an ever-changing world, where life speeds by and either yanks us with it, or leaves us behind, questions come to mind on your new journey, the one that brought you here; right now, as you read through this blog, and peruse the RMSAAM website.

Are you a healer?  Are you here now because you’re ready to walk a few steps, or maybe a few more miles closer to your true path?  Have you asked your friends, “Who was the you that was me in your eyes?” Our family members know us best – at least mine do.  My sister won’t hesitate to say to me, “It’s about time!” and smile sweetly all the while I allow room for the truth of that statement to sink in.

Who are you now?  Who were you before you truly ‘heard’ your heart, and listened to the gentle flow of blood, as it coursed through your veins?  Was it exhilarating to start out on the path of your heart, and what happened to your head?  What happened to the You that you considered Yourself to be in everyone’s eyes?  Have you asked who this new ‘me’ is?

Or maybe you knew all along that you are here to help human/animal-kind alike.  You feel a certain energy that is strong within you and when you’ve massaged friends and family, they tell you, you have a gift!   Though the path of a healer is not easy, the effort that you will put into it far outweighs the challenges of staying where you’ve been.

We here at RMSAAM are full of questions, and would love to hear about your experiences as you grow into the new shoes of an Animal Massage Practitioner!  Sharing your journey with those that you love is priceless; sharing your journey with those that need you, are the stepping stones on the path to knowing yourself.  And being an open and clear conduit to our animal friends as a healer is the reward in the end!


2 thoughts on “Are You a Healer?

  1. I have been using what I learned at RMSAAM as a volunteer cat and dog kennel assistant at the Humane Society and the animals seem to REALLY appreciate the extra TLC. I think it even helps with the undersocialized kittens, even though their muscles are a lot smaller! This alone makes me feel like I got everything I hoped for from my classes at RMSAAM.


    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience as a volunteer, Laura. It is wonderful to hear about all the amazing things our graduates are doing for our animal friends!
      Best wishes!


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