Beauty on the Bench

“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” ~ Maryanne Williamson (

by Sandi Martinez

Saw you all decked out sittin’ there

with your all fixed-up hair

I did a double-take

when I saw it wasn’t fake

Your diamonds sparkled on your neck

and I spotted a few studs on your tags

and I thought ‘man’, no wonder she keeps shakin’

all those tail wags!

Musta cost a fortune, and then I looked away

a bit feelin’ bare

with my long, black, shaggy hair

And just when I was about to walk away,

your sparkling white, shining, fangs caught the sun’s glare

You noticed me, I felt like running, but where?

We were the only two canines on Hosh Posh Square

my human came back, untied me and smiled at you

Now I would have to go and never know your name

oh what a shame,

because those studs are all sparkly and all,

but what I really noticed is how not snotty you are

So when you have a chance, remember my scent

and look in my eyes, because I’m the real thing you know…

Quite frankly I think you were heaven-sent

Look me up when you’re around town

maybe we’ll kick up our heels and?