Koa soaks up some sun, and ponders future teaching methods…

By Sandi Martinez

As I sit here and ponder

my paws get bigger, my body

fuller, it’s all a wonder

I’m getting skinny, but I know

my mom and dad feed me

something is changing, and I’m no longer


they call it growing

I feel bigger,

is it showing?

My name is Koa,

I’m the new Canine Massage instructor

Koa, yes, rhymes with Noah

I like the humans that work on me,

and I really like my toy,

it squeaks a lot, like me when I was a baby

So, if you’re wondering, or pondering

would you make a good therapist?

Just look at me… I was small, now I’m big,

and it takes a lot of growing,

but mostly, an inner knowing,

as I soak up this sun,

the wind brushes by my skin

and I know when you work on me,

you’ll see, it takes more than the ‘physical’

you feel it inside, expanding like magic!