Dream On

by Sandi Martinez

The cursor blinks – nearly every second.  A page is blank and fresh, and then suddenly the blank white page is filled with words.  Writing is a form of creating.  An invoice for a business owner for example, is blank before he/she fills it with words.  Those words speak of money; a form of survival that is on its way.

There are many forms of creation, and for many, the act of seeing a blank page can be daunting.  Might this be the same for anything in our minds, like dreams, not yet realized, that may be similar to filling a blank page?

A dream goes through a process.  First, it’s an amazing image.  It fills our mind, and heart with exciting possibilities.  But for the moment, it’s just a thought, an idea skating around in our heads, like ice-skating in winter; or cold, and icy blocks that fills the edges of a pond, road, or cakes around houses.  Its movement can be slow, and yet, it’s still an action that takes a while to materialize before you see it moving.  Perhaps this is far from the heart of the point I’m trying to make, and I am surrounded by a thick layer of ice – just a bit of time is needed before the sun melts it.  And the words fill the page again, an image to digest, that then becomes once again, a thought/idea.

For me, they are a way to travel.  Words are inspiring and dreams are what make words tangible, the action behind them, a conduit to witnessing that image become real.  We fill out contracts with words.  We sign the contracts which then bind us to the commitment of that house we just purchased, or the car we just bought, or the learning institution you have chosen to attend.  Words mean something, and the more they mean the more careful one must be when uttered; they are like waves that mesh with the air – carried by the wind, but never disappear.

This is especially true with the things we tell ourselves.  Are we being true, and honest with ourselves?  Are the words we feed ourselves positive?  Are the ways in which we go about getting our dreams on track, the train we see coming our way, the truth that speaks from the heart?  Do we give this same gift to others?  When we speak from our hearts, love is abundant, and then everything becomes possible; and the fear behind the possible failure of our dreams, loses its strength, and loses its appeal.  And your dream to be an Animal Massage Practitioner is a testament to your character, and what might have brought you here, right now.  So please, by all means, do dream on!  Use the power of words to make that dream possible!