Samson Smiles

Peek-a-boo… a smile is only as good as the muscles it takes to flex it… the real stuff comes from the happiness within! -Samson


by  Sandi Martinez

My body tightens,

I become a stick, unmoving


My head slides around

easily enough,

I see Samson

he lies lazily on his bed,

his eyes question,

his stump of a tail moves happily

he wonders why mine won’t move

I have a lot on my mind

swirls like a hurricane

building, moving, shaking, running, spinning

He smiles

my forehead lines with quizzical questions

my arms and legs are still

When will I move again?

What if my feet won’t go where they need to?

What if my arms don’t open when they should?

What if my mind slows and heart shrinks?

He circles me, nudges me; wants to know,

What’s wrong?

he walks to the door, the sun is shining, the air is warm

he winks – he paws the door,

Points this out, what’s wrong?

my eyes tear, my face swells

I explode

I forgot

the world continues to spin

humanity continues its pace; cars, trains, buses, planes; we love

He grins, he understands, nods to the blue sky above

My life will never be the same

Samson Smiles