Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

by Sandi Martinez

An attitude of gratitude; I am touched by some of these stories that have gone viral on the internet recently.  There seems to be a simultaneous combustion of generosity.  For example, in one particular case a very little human; (4-years-old) lost his life while saving a 3-year-old.

We also have heard about a canine friend knowing there is something ‘wrong’, with their human friend, and ends up saving his life.  As the dog ages, the human friend cradles his animal companion to help soothe his aching joints and muscles in Lake Superior; the 19-year-old dog has very painful and severe arthritis.

Many other incredible stories are out there; generated by awe-inspired on-lookers, friends, and strangers – too many to recount here.  What I’m feeling most grateful for, is how when the chips are really down, we all somehow manage to rise up, through the most excruciating, challenging, difficult moments in our human existence.  There are days when I lose faith in human-kind, and then am thankful for our animal-kind; the fierce loyalty, unconditional love, undying support, and constant admiration they give us and as I’ve so easily been reminded just recently, that we can give this to each other too.

It’s too easy to take it all for granted.  So every day, as the sun rises and orange, yellow, purple, and violet hues light up the edges of the skyline every morning, I say a small prayer of gratitude.  I’m alive, and well.  I breathe easily in and out.  My heart though it spikes at certain moments depending on the emotion, it continues to beat steadily.  My feet work great and my mind (though fuzzy at times) works – more than works… it’s the reason why I can reason.  It guides my body, and directs me to do, to live, to remember the most important things in life.

It makes me want to give – give more of myself, share more easily who I am, and I also remember more often now, that it’s okay to receive too.  What are the things you are most grateful for?  What brings tears to your eyes, and touches the deepest parts of your soul, that you might have even forgotten existed?

RMSAAM wants to share more inspiration!  You are invited to share your stories, and life-changing experiences.  RMSAAM also thanks all of you, for the part that you play in everyday life; the simple smiles that are shared, the kind gestures given, and the love and loyalty to animal-kind!  Though you may choose not share your story anytime soon with us, it’s not forgotten by the person or animal you have touched.