Oh Yes, Where Was I?

‘The Canine Acupressure Workbook; A Learning Tool for Enthusiasts and Professionals’ by Lisa Speaker, Founder and Executive Director of RMSAAM.

by Sandi Martinez

Where was I?  Oh yes… meridians.  A few entries back, I mentioned I am taking the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course.  I said we would talk about meridians.  I have sat patiently, maybe an hour or two at a time, trying to put these twisting and turning energy lines in some kind of perspective.  What I found is how intricately, and perfectly designed we are as human beings.  But okay, the truth is, I could go on and on, about how miraculous we are really… but I’m just delaying the obvious – how to put all these together?

At first, I tried to come at it through a very mental and logical panorama.  Of course, I paced the room, very much like I do when I’m writing.  That didn’t go so well.  Because really, there are 12 main meridians and each one is partnered with the organs in the body; and to make it more interesting, each meridian coincides with Yin and Yang components.  So, approaching this method of study doesn’t seem to go so well (pacing the room, I mean).

What is a meridian anyway?  Think of a meridian as a river; qi (life force) flows through it, and nourishes and energizes the human body.  You can’t see the ‘river’ it’s an internal landscape, and very much mirrors our environment, which leads me to the elements that are associated with the meridians/organs.  The Five Element Theory is based on the observation of the natural cycles and interrelationships in both our environment and within ourselves.

So what are those elements?  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood; now this gets even more interesting because, Fire corresponds to the Heart and Pericardium, Earth to the Spleen, Metal to the Lungs, Water to the Kidneys, and lastly, Wood to the Liver; these are the Yin organs.  Well now, where did I come up with the organ/Yin part, and not even segue gracefully into it?   You’re right, not cool!

I’ll bet you even thought I was giving you some kind of TCM lesson?  NOT!!  I’m studying… this is the only way I’m going to be able to learn; to repeat it to those who find TCM as fascinating as I do, to those whom are curious enough to peek at this entry, and to those whom have never even heard of TCM!  Thank you for studying with me, and just know I’m not done!  We still have to cover the Yang organs; oh yes, and the Yin and Yang theory!