Illusion; our greatest gift

“This dragonfly came up to me. He was hovering right in front of my face, and I was really examining him, thinking, How does he see me? I became enlightened.” ~Ziggy Marley

by Sandi Martinez

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes.  The word illusion in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online), is: ‘The state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled’.  So how then, can illusion be a gift?  No one likes being misled or disillusioned now do we?

On a walk with my dog this morning, this little guy, the dragonfly was on the sidewalk sitting there like he was just resting his amazing and beautiful wings.  Samson my dog sniffed him; confused.  I gently moved Samson back as I tried to examine this majestic insect.  He hadn’t flown away when my dog came near.  It was then that I realized he might be wounded.  I laid my hand on the ground, my palm facing up, and he gently nudged my finger, and then amazingly started to climb onto my hand.  He stood stock-still – his wings barely moved.  I spoke to him softly and asked if he just needed help; a gentle wind stirred and I thought he would lift off.  But he didn’t.  He seemed to stare at me, as if I myself was a strange-looking insect – and a huge one at that!

Which brings me back to illusion: Dragonfly’s tend to signify illusion in the world of totem meanings.  They rule the wind and water.  They spend their first two years in water as nymphs, and as they age, they take to the air in quite a metamorphic transformation.  Because of these two elements, apparently people, who are lucky enough to get near one (like myself), are in the process of balancing emotions and thought.  Do I agree with this?  Could this be any of us, or all of us?

In this case, this little fellow was wounded.  Does this mean that while undergoing intense emotional transformations, that we are able to see the deeper truths around us, thus freeing us from illusion?  Did my visit today with the dragonfly, have anything specifically to do with me, or was I to share this beautiful unexpected gift with you all, that may be similarly experiencing the challenges of transformation?

The one thing that I understood clearly from my insect visitor was this: What are you looking at?  And I’m taking that literally, as well as figuratively.  Isn’t it an excellent question after all!