What do banking and dog treats have in common?

“Yes, he jumps around frantically waiting for the dog biscuit to make its way back from the funny-looking tube.”

by Sandi Martinez

Interesting how we think dog treats are just ‘treats’. Many brands exist on the market.  The ones that seem on the surface to really count though, are what our dogs think about these treats. I’ve been observing my dog Samson; most compelling, is how he acts when we drive up to the bank teller for example; yes, he jumps around frantically waiting for the dog biscuit to make its way back from the funny-looking tube.

Does your bank give your dog treats?  Well I personally have decided to stick to my bank more than likely forever, simply because they always seem to have a dog treat at the ready, perhaps you might want to re-think banking with your current institution if they don’t provide goodies to your pets!  All joking aside: from puppy-hood, to their adulthood, and most especially into their old age, we want the best for our furry children.

In comparison, the regular grocery store at your neighborhood corner, or busy street, tends to offer many different brands. As a rule, any natural food store, will also have several different brands, but aside from my dog telling me what he really likes, (he doesn’t get to choose brands made out of the US), a good rule of thumb for me, are the kinds that are made of 100%  natural ingredients.  In essence, labels that read a bit like foreign language are a tell-tale sign that chemicals, along with by-products were used to make those treats. Strange coloring is also something to be mindful of. These are dyes that are very harmful not only to your pet, but the environment.

I suppose I should ask my bank next time where they buy their treats; what do you think the likely chances are that they’ll tell me they bought them at Whole Foods, or the friendly natural pet store down the street, or a town away… Hmmm, zero?

Perhaps I should re-think my banking options, or saying yes to those mystery dog biscuits Samson likes so much…

What are your dog’s favorite natural treats? RMSAAM would love to compile a list and share it with our readers!


2 thoughts on “What do banking and dog treats have in common?

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