Buzz Words

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T. S. Eliot (Image:
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T. S. Eliot (Image:

by Sandi Martinez

The feeling never changes, but the presentation always does. A longing, a twist and turn of synchronicities, a nudge that comes from nowhere and everywhere, that leads to the same notion; idea. And each time, the buzz word, fear rears its head against that idea.

Each time the ‘impossible dream’ comes riding around, it goes right back from whence it came. The dream is here, it is now; it is you as you picture yourself doing what you love the most. As you run your hands down the powerful, solid muscles of a horse – the intention of love and pure energy working its way to those sore muscles. Each time you picture yourself massaging an animal, they reap the benefits of your love, the light you send, and receive. A wholeness, and the feeling of coming ‘home’ to yourself is no doubt the result of choosing such a rewarding career as an Animal Practitioner.

This is the heart-felt notion/idea of your dream and your passion, yet reality once again, the other buzz word, makes a come-back, the center of a never-ending circle, and the other word, ‘impossible’, makes that familiar, realistic, music in your ears. What do to do with such redundant, dull, and yet strangely comforting sounds?

Risk is a double-edge sword. One side speaks of unspeakable actions, and the unknown factors of doing something new; the other side is the risk of doing nothing – waking  up one day and asking ‘what if’? What if this question is asked when it’s too late to take the other risk? The one where fear lives?

What if there are too many ‘If’s’? As spirits living in physical bodies, our hearts are married to our souls; isn’t that the ultimate perfection of making a decision that ultimately leads back to oneself, the true self? It may be easy to say: Just do it. When the heart and mind find a solution, the possibilities are endless. But what makes that possible, is the determination to walk down the path that brings immense happiness, the belief that it is possible to be incredibly happy doing something you love.

And the path? Perhaps over time weeds and thick brush covered it. It’s a bit hard to see, but the outline of a road exists. The machete sits on the side of the road where it is easily seen, and the question arises once again, what if? Fear, Unrealistic, Impossible, Risk, the buzz words corner and freeze ideas, passion, and possibilities. The choices are simple, yet undeniably complicated: Do it, or don’t. Like the fool that rests his/her stick with a small bundle  of belongings hanging over their shoulder, set out on their way a cliff underfoot, a dog barking a warning… what if, a two-foot drop existed, and not the drastic fall that is presumably predicted?

RMSAAM would love to hear your stories on risk; was it worth it?