It’s Almost Christmas!

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety. -Aesop, Fables (Image:
A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety. -Aesop, Fables (Image:

by Sandi Martinez

(From a dog’s POV)

“Hey, where you going with that?” Budgey the Beagle asked with eyes wide, mouth hanging wide open.

“None of your business,” replied Hamlet the German Shepherd.

“But… I don’t understand! It’s almost Christmas!” Budgey said; desperation laced her voice.

“Look, who’s gonna notice?” Hamlet looked around one last time.


“No more buts!”  Hamlet positioned his stick with a bundle of kibble bits, and treats over his shoulder.

“Our humans will worry… they love you!”

“Oh really? Look around girl! It’s all bustling around and no attention on us. Open your eyes!”

Suddenly, Tula came around the bend, and rubbed Hamlet’s head, “Hamlet! I promise I’ll play stick with you in a bit! And what’s this?” Tula unraveled the bundle to find the kibbles and treats. Puzzled, she set them on the kitchen table out of reach.

Budgey rolled on the ground with laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Hamlet shouted.

“You’re such a grouch! Do you really think she’s going to let you go? That she doesn’t know? She’s the smartest human I’ve ever met. Otherwise, she would have passed you by at the animal shelter. You know how it was in there – get hold of yourself man! I know… I was there. She brought us both home with her.”

“Whatever.” Hamlet sank to the ground and sulked.

“What more do you want groucho? Endless amounts of lavish cooing, and wooing? Don’t you see she has other humans who are coming to visit? Don’t you smell the food, Hulloooo?”

“Doesn’t it bug you? She hasn’t even looked at us today.” Hamlet ignored the saucy sarcasm.

“She has petted us more times today than I can remember. What’s eating you, I mean really?” Budgey set her sarcasm aside.

“It’s just… it feels like the other times.” Hamlet let out a sigh, as if he’d been holding in his breath.


“I know she’s here, and talks to us, but I don’t know.”

“It’s not like the other times and you know it. Humans… they’re busy. They have a lot on their plate, unlike us – we eat, sleep, drink, play, and do it all over again, but I don’t think they eat, sleep, drink, and play like us Hamlet.”

“But they could!” Hamlet ran around the kitchen in a frenzy.

“Whoa groucho… what’s getting into you?”

“What if we teach them to slow down?”

“Well, hmm.” Budgey sat and scratched her ear in thought, “how?”

“Watch me…” Hamlet knocked down the stick that partly hung from the kitchen counter. He put it in his mouth and ran toward Tula.

Hamlet made fancy flips, and ran and slid across the oak-wood floor. His tail wagged furiously, and he barked playfully. Tula laughed, and stopped decorating the tree. She ran after him and grabbed the stick and held it up in the air like always.

Budgey came sliding around the corner, and toppled Hamlet over. She rubbed her muzzle against his belly. Tula laughed aloud, the sound reverberated through the living room. “Budgey and Hamlet… this Christmas would not be a good one without you… I love you!” she rubbed their tummies vigorously.

“Now we just need to train her how to eat, sleep, and drink…” Hamlet smiled at Budgey.

“Great… and I really did think the name ‘Groucho’, was fitting…”

Merry Christmas!

From RMSAAM staff!