Welcome to 2013!

2013; equals 6... there are 6 of us sitting here. A coincidence? I think not...
2013; equals 6… there are 6 of us sitting here. A coincidence? I think not…

by Sandi Martinez

So what does ’13 hold for you and your animal companion(s)? Perhaps let’s do something fun and take a gander at your Personal Numerology. I was curious to know what my dog’s personal year is in 2013. This is what I found; but wait – what is Numerology exactly? And is it similar to Astrology?

When looking into your Personal Numerology chart, your ‘personal’ year is the most important aspect to look at in terms of getting a fairly accurate outcome in the challenges/overall picture of your chart – arf, arf, – ah-mm, and your dog I mean!

And how do you get that number? Well in this case, my dog Samson (I count the day he adopted me as his birthday, since he was a stray) is figured by his birth month, April, the day, 6, and then we take the year 2013, which adds up to 6 (2+0+1+3: remember to add double digits as a single number – e.g. 32/5), finally we add: 4+6+6=7; his personal year is a 7.  More often than not, your pet(s) will not have an actual recorded birthdate. In that case, the letters of your dog’s name are assigned numbers.

Samson will appear to be on sabbatical. His intuition will be heightened, and reason/logic will cease to exist. He will have the opportunity to connect to his soul, and do much soul-searching as a result. He will also appear to need more sleep than usual! He may pull away from his loving human (me), and I shouldn’t take that personally… he may have more quizzical looks on his face, as he will tend to take more to philosophical discoveries. It will be a bit like cleaning his inner house (goodness knows webs abound!). He may even be able to take some time off from work for a while, thus the sabbatical. Faith indeed will be something that he will have to find the strength to latch on to, as inner development continues to be the main focus for 2013. Very serious stuff! Ruff, ruff!

Astrology may be considered a science; it traces planets’ placements based on birth dates; specifically month, day, year, and time of birth, which has certain effects and influences in a person’s life cycle. It’s all very complicated, and if you know the exact time of the birth of your animal friend, then by all means, a natal chart might reveal much about your pet! Numerology uses the addition of your pet’s name, with assigned numbers, or the exact birth date (if available), and all the different combinations one can apply to arrive at certain predictions, personality profiles, as well as soul revelations. Both of these forms of study, serve as a ‘peek’ into the cosmos, and perhaps unlock mysteries to events in advance… I’m anxious to find out from Samson what mysteries he’ll unlock in 2013!)

What does 2013 hold for you and your pet? And is it luck, fate, or destiny that decides what you do, or don’t do this brand new year?

Happy New Year, from RMSAAM staff!