Paw prints in the snow

"And I wondered how you might find me..."
“And I wondered how you might find me…”

by Sandi Martinez


One night, I dreamed I hiked with you in the snow

I don’t know why, it was dark, cold, and I felt old,

I noticed you always walked ahead of me

but then, I stopped suddenly

my paw ached,

I saw your face

your boot made a sound

but then you disappeared,

I felt alone

I wanted to go home

I was scared

And then I saw lights

they glowed

My paw felt worse, like it was burning

and I worried

you were not coming

And I wondered how you might find me

and when you did come, you brought help

and I asked ‘how did you find me?’

and you said,

‘I saw your paw prints in the snow’,

I kissed your face, no, I mean slobbered,

and we all went down the hill,

with me in your arms,

and the snow behind

And I awoke,

thankfully with no snow

and the pain had gone away!

Valentines Day!

from RMSAAM staff