Denver Dog

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.-Khalil Gibran
And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
-Khalil Gibran

by Sandi Martinez

Let’s face it; life can be full of stuff.  Our lives are packed with things that we’ve done, must be done, and waiting to be done.  We have full and busy lives, but every once in a while, life comes to a stop.  Jobs end, things we’re familiar with are changed forever, sometimes at the drop of a dime.  Mercury Retrograde started yesterday, February, 23rd.  It goes on until March 17th.

This isn’t a lesson in Astrology.  It simply seems to coincide with my story about my dog Samson.  My life changed quickly (late last year), and the rug seemed to be pulled underneath my feet.  At the risk of not sounding cliché, I’ll add that life grabbed a piece of my pant leg, and dragged me along with it.  This being said, my dog Samson, (many RMSAAM students met Samson at some point, and even worked on him during the hands-on portion of the class) has experienced some of that shaky, unsure, and stressful ‘what are we going to do now’, drama.  But through all of the unexpected, comes clarity, and the order that seems to naturally unfold after the storm, so-to-speak.

We get jobs, our lives go on, but along the way, with Samson specifically, he went into shock.  We spent day in and day out together, and now, I’m gone over 11-hours a day, 5 days a week.  On top of it all, with ailing parents, and the need for quiet, Samson is now whining; calling for his mother who happens to be an hour’s drive away – as it turns out, he wasn’t whining for me, he was swimming in the energy that surrounds anxiety, and stress.  However, this new information called for extreme measures.  He now had to become a (temporary) Denver dog.

He lives with my sibling, has a furry friend he plays with, and lays contentedly at the feet of my sister Debbie, when she’s home.  No more whining.  This is an interesting lesson for me and Samson: A happy home truly creates happy hearts.  And how about me?  My separation anxiety from Samson is less than a two-week ordeal, and I continue to hear snoring during the night, and realize, he’s not here.  I hear his pitter-patter paws hit the ground, and look around with delight, but it’s not Samson, but a family member’s dog instead, I pat my bed and invite him to watch a movie with me, but he’s not there.

I’ll be going to pick up my little old man as I call him (he’s about 14-years-old), next weekend!

We here at RMSAAM would love to hear about any similar stories about separation anxiety you’ve encountered with your furry loved one, and how you handled it!