How’s the Weather?

“Nothing burns like the cold.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones (Image:
“Nothing burns like the cold.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones (Image:

by Sandi Martinez

Cold causes things to slow down and contract, which can make us even colder. This can typically show up in winter as poor circulation, aches and pains, asthma, arthritis or colitis. Winter is the season related to the water element and the organs associated are the Kidneys and Bladder; both are sensitive to cold. The Kidneys are considered to be the gate of life, storing our essence, regulating reproduction and development, fluid distribution and our longevity is directly related to the health of our Kidneys. It’s impossible to be too good to the Kidneys in Chinese medicine, and supporting them becomes very important as we, and our pets, get older.

Winter is the season of retreat and rest, when the Yin is now dominant and Yang energy moves inward. The trees have lost their leaves; the animals hibernate through the long and dark winter months. Winter is a time of stillness and silence, amplifying sound. The ability to listen clearly at this time of year is at its sharpest… not through conversation, but listening to your own body and intuitively heeding its needs, in addition to having a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

The same applies to your animal companions. Though they look out at the world through silence, and conversations are minimal, but to the point, they hear the things we don’t. On stormy or windy days, we are likely to stay indoors, but our pets may not necessarily want to do the same thing! The body qi (life energy) needs to be conserved by staying warm; avoid getting hot. Be sure not to sit too close to an open fire; avoid sweating when taking hot baths or showers, because the pores of the skin open and yang qi is easily gets lost.

Giving your pet regular Acupressure treatments during the winter months is essential to their well-being and keeping up general good health maintenance, producing the following benefits:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Release emotional blockages
  • Strengthen muscles, tendons, joints, and bones
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Replenish the animal’s physical and emotional energy
  • Release endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain
  • Balance energy to optimize the body’s natural ability to heal
  • Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Enhance mental clarity and calmness required for focus in training and performance
  • Resolve injuries more readily by increasing the blood supply and removing toxins

In these final chilly months before spring, keep your animals warm and comfortable, feed them well, and do the same for yourself!