You won’t get rid of me so easily!

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

Life can throw us many curves, and sometimes our learning curve can be challenged. When I stepped into the shoes of an Administrative Assistant and Receptionist position at RMSAAM, I was ready to work in a supportive and challenging work environment. Little did I know how much I would learn, and apply the many lessons I learned, to my own life.

Two years ago, I came in a bit jagged, and rough around the edges, and I was able to use the tools that made me who I was then, to create a better me; someone who learned more about caring for animals, and how important they are in our lives, and the kind of love and care they need to ensure their well-being. I would learn to interact with people, and dig deep to find answers if I didn’t readily have them. My customer service skills were sharpened, and I got a good sense of what people need, and how to go about getting them there.

I learned about recycling, and the importance of using paper minimally, thus saving more trees. I was able to hone my writing skills as the blog administrator and writer. I was lucky to be able to bring my dog Samson with me to work. But as I mentioned earlier, life throws many curves our way, and this is what brought me to the need to unexpectedly make a move out of state.

Since April of 2011, we have brought you many different kinds of articles, poetry, and fictional stories from a dog’s POV. I am happy to have contributed my time, and my creativity to work with RMSAAM in bringing you news and articles from our instructor’s and students.

Look out for new and fresh stories, news, and other great articles to make your way, upon the arrival of the new Administrative Assistant and Receptionist!

But you won’t get rid of me so easily! I’ll be appearing from time to time with some blog entries in the future! In the meantime, visit RMSAAM’s website, for updated information on classes, news, and visit the calendar for upcoming classes in 2013, and the FAQs page on the blog.

Cheers everyone!