I’m Still Here

Rosey, posing for the camera... this is her good side! Photo: Sandi Martinez
Rosey, posing for the camera… this is her good side! Photo: Sandi Martinez

by Sandi Martinez


I know things have come and gone

and I will be no exception

But look in my eyes, and remember

I’m still here


When you doubt where I’ll be in a few years,

don’t fret, tomorrow hasn’t happened,

and today, you hold me near

and when you get sad, touch me, I’m still here


I feel the fresh breeze gently brush my coat

and I love that I know it’s real, happening now

I love the feel of your soft skin and I feel your love

and when I worry you’re not here,

I hear your car drive up,

and I know, you’re still here


Remember this: We have each other but for a short time,

this is true, but know the only thing that really matters, is

here and now and the reality, that we’re both still here

cherish me now, feel the warmth of my fur, and burrow your face deep

into me







RMSAAM wishes you all a safe, and great Memorial Day weekend!