Tips for Individuals Enrolling into RMSAAM from out of the U.S. or Country

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Contributed by Ginger Currie, RMSAAM Enrollment Coordinator

It begins with a whirlwind of phone calls or internet research; airfare, hotels, car rentals, not to mention care for animals, family members, work responsibilities, the mental, emotional, and spiritual prep it takes to become an animal practitioner… And not necessarily all in that order! And we’re sure there’s more ‘stuff’ that needs to be taken care of prior to undertaking a special learning-feat like this.

At RMSAAM, we offer back-to-back classes.  This means that if you are taking Levels 1-3, in the Canine, Equine, or Acupressure (Levels 1 & 2) courses, we schedule them at your convenience – which means that you can comfortably take the first level as scheduled, the second level begins 1-2 days later, and the same applies to the third level.  View our calendar for more insight on how this works.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we cancel a class, due to the three-student minimum not being met.  Fortunately, we offer a semi-private/private option for our massage and acupressure courses.  When two students sign up for a semi private, a $360 fee is applied per level. Private instruction is also available at an additional $432 per level. The semi private and private class options give students traveling from far away the security of knowing that their class will go forward whether or not it meets the student minimum.

We understand the stress of travel, and we offer these options for busy students who need to rely and depend on a specific schedule.

For more information on enrolling in our courses, click here.  Ginger Currie, the Enrollment Coordinator would be happy to answer any other questions during the enrollment process!  Call her at 303.660.9390, or email,