If you can dream it, you are it!

"It may start with just an inclination; an idea..."
“It may start with just an inclination; an idea…”


Lofty ideals sometimes go hand-in-hand with day-dreaming. Many guffaws can accompany an individual whom stands idle amongst the stars; imaginings, and stirrings, about what exists ‘out there’. The first indications of an awakening begin when nothing makes sense anymore. How do you know when you’re actually hearing the ‘calling’?

It may start with just an inclination; an idea.  Perhaps your heart is not totally and completely set on an actual decision to become an Animal Practitioner. Maybe you are simply considering massaging just your pet(s), and not necessarily set on starting a practice, and leaving the job, or career you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

RMSAAM offers:

Canine Massage Correspondence Program for the enthusiast! This is a non- certificate program for animal owners/lovers! What you will learn in this class covers:

  • Anatomy of the dog
  • Pre-massage considerations, recommendations, and contra-indications
  • Massage strokes, pressure, techniques and sequence
  • Post-massage considerations
  • Types of Massage
  • Manual and lessons are PDF downloads upon registration

This is a great start to connect with the part of you that may eventually be ready to venture out, and share the loving warmth, comfort, and gifts, your hands and heart can offer to other animals; or simply put, to connect with your best furry friend(s).

The cost of the program is: $249.00; additional cost for books: Dog Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas by Robert A. Kainer and Thomas O. McCracken (Spiral-bound – Sep 26, 2002): $45.00. Purchase the book in our Store.

Note: We highly recommend some on-site hours with an instructor to ensure proper application.

DVD will be mailed to you upon registration. Please email the school at: homestudy@rmsaam.com, or call us TF: 866-903-6462, Office: 303-660-9390.