Detach from attachment

“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.” ― Gabrielle Zevin (Image: Sandi Martinez)
“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.” ― Gabrielle Zevin (Image: Sandi Martinez)


Life surrounds us with duty, responsibility, and commitment. Life also surrounds us with joy, beauty, and miracles. When it comes down to it though, why is it that we gravitate toward the things that pull us outside of ourselves like duty, responsibility and commitment? It makes sense when you think about it, but is it true? Is it true for the majority of the human race? And would the advanced spiritual masters around the world agree?

Attachment has its advantages. For example, we need our limbs, our heads on our shoulders, and most certainly our steady feet! But how useful is it when trying to detangle your head, (racing circling thoughts) from your heart (hope, happiness, love)? Detachment is the only road to the place we call peace and acceptance. If the decision to become an Animal Practitioner has been at the forefront of your mind but has had to be placed on the back burner, chances are that obstacles loom, and logical excuses abound as to why ‘I just can’t right now’.

What if it was as simple as imagining your life without following your passion? Envisioning how things would look if you continue on your same path, versus creating vision boards of your future; following your passion would then be the norm. The question is which vision will be your norm? Fear has been replaced with the real possibility that you will be doing animal-kind the biggest kindness – giving your love through your hands… and the love radiates right back to you – an ongoing cycle of giving and receiving that happens simultaneously.

Time ticks on. The hands on the clock always move forward. And eventually time runs out, and looking back into years of waiting, fearing, and hemming and hawing, will not bring back the years that may have been spent doing something you love for animals – gifting you in return with unconditional love. Attachment to the ways we live and know, are normal. Detachment from the things we are the most familiar with can be unconventional, unacceptable, and frowned upon – this is not the norm is it? But just once, in this transition from waking up to yourself and what you’d like to contribute to the animals that bring us joy, contentment, and so much more, could you detach for your sake?

Detach from what you may ask; noise, disruption, obstacles, excuses, the fear of facing your true purpose – and attach yourself instead to the outcomes of following your heart and living out your passion. The regret may not lie in having tried, but rather not trying.

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