Intuition: Fact or Fiction?

Intuition is the very thing that kept our ancestors – cave people – safe from predators and which also “told” them where and how to hunt and gather for their food.
Intuition is the very thing that kept our ancestors – cave people – safe from predators and which also “told” them where and how to hunt and gather for their food.


by Lizanne Flynn (RMSAAM Canine Level 1 & 2 graduate)

Not surprisingly, I think the believers of either intuition fact or fiction might be split evenly between the two groups.  Although I also have a hunch that there are secret fact people in the outward fiction camp.  Why the subterfuge?  Why not just come right out and say – “hey!  I talked with my dog last night and she said that she thinks the game of fetch is boring and wants to change it up!”  Or – “my grandma says that I was always her favorite and that she really DID want to leave me the silver platter with her initials on it!”  Because, gentle readers, it’s not exactly comfortable for us as humans to admit that we are born with a sense of intuition that’s as much a part of our DNA as our blue eyes, funky-looking toes or stick-straight hair.  We’ve come to rely so much on outward technology to bring to us instantaneously that which we demand that our view of who and how we are has been tremendously distorted beyond how we actually are and of what our physical bodies are capable.  And besides that – how would it look to say to your coworkers or family – “yes, yes I do talk regularly with animals, dead people and with angels of all realms.”  Anyone feeling slightly squeamish?

Yet within your physical body is exactly where your intuitive “muscle” resides – naturally.  It’s the gut feeling, the goose bumps, and the hair on the back of your neck that tells you via your innate sixth sense that something is up.  It’s that sense of knowing that washes over you just before the phone rings and perhaps whispering in your ear – “it’s Mary, your friend” – before you answer.  It’s that lightning quick flash of a picture that seems to zoom in right behind your very eyeballs of something that sends shivers of fright through your body or tantalizingly beckons you to ask questions about perhaps a hint of your future you’ve just seen.

The human body has not evolved very much since the original design came up slowly through the ranks of our non-human animal fellow beings.  Intuition is the very thing that kept our ancestors – cave people – safe from predators and which also “told” them where and how to hunt and gather for their food.  This sense of intuition is very different from instinct because it is a knowing that is connected to the higher self, the soul, if you will, of every sentient being on this planet.  Yep, that includes plants, insects, animals, and crystals all of which are shimmering with intuitive energy that only appears to be solid because we need to look for it in other dimensions.  Our entire Universe is a veritable conductor of intuition that’s amazingly easy to tap into and which would astound you with its wisdom and grace because it all appears to have been designed specifically for the person who’s asking for guidance or clarification.  That’s just how important you are as a sentient being, complete with intuitive muscle in this incarnation on this particular planet.

Even if you’re still in the “fiction” group the next time you start to get that “tingly” feeling I invite you to let go just a little and see where your intuition takes you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

About Lizanne:

Lizanne Flynn is an intuitive empath, advisor, and teacher who works equally well with both humans and animals. She is trained and certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Canine Massage Therapist. Lizanne has built a reputation as an Animal Communicator specializing in connecting hearts and bridging dimensions for humans and animals whether living or in spirit. She communicates with animals and their guardians so that behavior and health issues can be brought out into the open for healing. The relationships we have with these sentient beings of a different species have all the ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and challenges of our same species relationships with other humans.

Lizanne helps clients reconnect with their Divine Selves and remove blocks that may be interfering with their lives and impeding their life’s journey. Her work includes exploring past lives, and connecting with Guides and Angels so the true purpose of a life event whether it’s occurring via career, relationship or health can be gently and safely revealed for the lesson being presented by the soul. Lizanne’s abilities as a medical intuitive clarify past, present and future health issues so clients – both human and animal – can reconnect with their bodies and form a relationship with their body based on health, harmony and love.