Decisions, decisions, decisions…

It is your way – It is your sea of life, and inner rhythm.
It is your way – It is your sea of life, and inner rhythm. (Image:

Some would agree that not making a decision is a decision. I would agree too, except for there are no tangible results that follow that decision. No outcomes that define a path; a road that leads somewhere. Sometimes though, the best decision really is not to make one. Silence can be a comforting thing – a bit like a warm and fuzzy blanket that you can wrap around yourself and then very quietly and lazily, fall asleep into the world of pleasant dreams – daydreams.

But if only life were that easy; people would stand idly by and wait until you make a decision; no questions asked. No pressure or judgments. Pressure to conform. Fear of being ridiculed for not making the right decision, and all this according to whom? Right, for whom exactly?

Thoughts come and go, but the real need and focus and attention to act on something comes from somewhere so much deeper and meaningful. It involves more than the mind – it takes heart. It takes faith and a belief in the self: Your Self. But we’re human and it’s easy to sit on the fence. It’s safer to wait. It’s safer to do what others’ believe should be done. It’s easier to flow with the crowd, than against the waves in your own ocean; your own sea of wonderment. Isn’t it? Who is to say that when the waves go in one direction, they are going the wrong way? It is your way – It is your sea of life, and inner rhythm.

What better teacher can we find than our beloved animals to show us the way to ‘listen’; to ‘feel’ our way through muddy thoughts and confusion? They might even say to you, ‘stop thinking, and start doing’! Who are we to question such simplicity?

Our animals love and stand by us no matter what we choose to do. At the end of the day, they will get massaged, fed, loved, and conversed with.

What decision will you make today? Are you using your heart’s true wisdom, and are you willing to pass over the judgments and opinions of others’? Are you willing to follow your heart, and take risks you never imagined you could?

Flying into the void isn’t just an adventure; it’s a guarantee that your life will never be the same – but something much greater. Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an Animal Practitioner – it starts here, right now!