Baggage; Samsonite or?

The purpose of this article is not to take your attention away from your baggage. (Image:
The purpose of this article is not to take your attention away from your baggage. (Image:


by Sandi Martinez

Samsonite is just one brand among many out there; and no matter what brand is used it’s fairly certain that they all will do the trick: To transport your things from point A, to point B. And we use these objects of ‘portable storage’ to travel, store seasonal clothing, etc.

In the previous post, ‘Decisions, decisions, decisions…’ the conversation revolved around the fear and often frightening consequences of doing the thing we love vs. what’s expected of us. In this post, I’d like to discuss ‘baggage’. When the fear has been overcome to cross the bridge of the unknown to safe, solid ground, we then realize we would have needed to bring along certain items. A hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a host of other personal items are paramount!

When we have emotional baggage, it’s a bit different but not so much. As the author of the article, I’d like to admit that it makes me uncomfortable to discuss this topic. So why you may ask; why write about an uncomfortable subject? For the same reason I get up with the help of my lovely alarm every morning – because I have to! And the reality is when we embark on something new, we always bring with us an expectation almost, of how similar it will be to other experiences. Those experiences might have been positive or negative. If they were negative, chances are that scars were left behind. Even with the things we have always wanted to do, there is a slight hesitation; like a shy child entering a room full of people.

The purpose of this article is not to take your attention away from your baggage. Rather, I’d like to invite further conversation about how, or what RMSAAM students and graduates are doing with their baggage. Because when you stepped into the RMSAAM classroom, a certain amount of fear and angst had to be conquered. The way was shown to go forward, chin high, and a smile on your face, as your realized your dream of becoming an Animal Practitioner was about to come true. Besides the luggage you brought for your 2-7 day stay for the on-site portion (depending on what course you chose), we would love to know what you did with your emotional baggage. Not a RMSAAM student or graduate? No problem – we’d like to hear from you too!

RMSAAM invites you to talk about your experiences – maybe give others’ about to wear similar shoes, and walk the same path you have, some advice: What to do with their baggage?

We look forward to hearing from you!