The ‘tell-all’ in a dream

In my dreams, I can fly! (Image: Sandi Martinez; NM.)
In my dreams, I can fly! (Image: Sandi Martinez; NM.)


by Sandi Martinez

Ever wonder why the same dream(s), with the same theme keep popping up often?  By often, I mean nightly, weekly, or even monthly. Is it bothersome, annoying, pleasing, or even scary? I will speak for myself when I say mine can be very lucid and leave me feeling downright exhausted! I will even say I feel disturbed after having dreamt some of the dreams I’ve had.

It is said that dreams reflect our subconscious, and that events during the day, will often play out in our dreams. So, if that’s the case why can dreams be so real, and in some cases frightening? If dreams can even serve as a tool to help us figure out solutions to our problems, then how exactly is it that we come up with these brilliant answers?

In my dreams, I can fly! I am in settings with unbelievable, out-of-this-world colors that paint the landscape with vivid surreal images, which leave me breathless with possibilities. And it’s true that the world of science draws ever closer with new information on how our brain works, but the jury is still out on how exactly the brain works – or shall I say, we don’t know all the brain can really do… so is it really so simple then? Our sub-conscious plays a big role in our dream states. Can we also say though because we are spirits in physical bodies that perhaps our spirits like to ‘take a stroll on the wild side’! Is it our soul that ultimately shows us the unlimited potential in the universe?

And is it through our dreams, that we realize our true soul’s purpose? If we are experiencing fear surrounding a decision that we must make, perhaps our dreams provide a safety net in which we can ‘jump’ into that void, and experience the outcome before we even try it? And the solution is that we survived the dream; so therefore, can we survive the consequences of our choices in waking life?

So are dreams the real reflection of our inner life and the waking life we live is simply the illusion, or is it the other way around? Do dreams show us what’s real, or what is imagined, and can we learn to discern the difference; therefore dreams become a ‘subconscious treasure vault’, in which everything we need to know is just beneath the surface? Can you become clearer in your decision to become an Animal Practitioner by accessing the treasures in your dreams, and identifying the symbols which then unfold and become a map in your conscious mind?

We here at RMSAAM would love to hear about some of your dreams and how they impacted the decisions in your waking life. We’re listening!