Reflections of your future

"I know I’m doing the right thing when I feel at ease and things go smoothly," says Lisa Speaker.
“I know I’m doing the right thing when I feel at ease and things go smoothly,” says Lisa Speaker.


Contributed by Sandi Martinez, and Lisa Speaker

I look in the mirror; I stare back – me that doesn’t always remember me – the real me. So what happens over time is that I make mistakes, or choices that aren’t exactly the best. I look at myself and I ask why?

Why that decision? Why did I drive onto that fork instead? And then other times, I ask why not? Like so many times, and days in a month I am in wonder, and even a slight daze as to the road I didn’t take. Why? It wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right.

The reality is, what isn’t right, isn’t exactly the logical choice – therefore, I needed to stick to the plan and do the ‘right’ thing. But what wasn’t right ever fell into place. It never went in a straight and forward direction. But who ever said life is like that; a straight-forward direction?

Instead, the illogical and impossible reared its head against my logical mind, and slammed its adventurous and unpredictable mirror against my subconscious mirror.  Side-by-side, it was like looking into another planet. What was I looking at exactly; my imaginative, delusional, mind?

The question never ceased; who am I and what is my purpose, my path?

And now, RMSAAM asks the same of you: Who are you, and what is your path?

Recently, Lisa Speaker, Founder and Executive Director of RMSAAM, was a guest on iView, a radio show with host, Lizanne Flynn (a RMSAAM graduate). To listen to the archived show, click here. Lisa followed her heart, and met up with challenges outside of her control. How was Lisa able to overcome them? Determination, perseverance, and patience are what not only helped her drive forward, and into the jungle of obstacles, but also a deep knowing that she could not give up.

As Lisa shared with me recently, “I have found that if I feel resistance or things just don’t seem to fall into place easily then I am not going with my intended flow following my path. This is all within. Outside sources need to be ignored. I know I’m doing the right thing when I feel at ease and things go smoothly. Whenever I try to force something, it always falls apart either immediately, or a year down the road. If I let outside sources influence me, it makes things more confusing. Better to focus within, because only you know what you need and feel.”

So what are you waiting for? Bright green neon flashing lights, pointing in big letters: Take this road; park and camp here; you are on the right path! If only life were so easy and straight forward! In reality it is that easy – your heart knows – so listen, look in the mirror at the person looking back, and believe in yourself, what you can contribute, and the only thing you need to know is how and in what capacity.